Crafting Digital Experiences, One Line of Code at a Time.

Throughout my journey from a multimedia producer turned software engineer, I've cultivated a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess. The projects showcased here are the fruit of this endeavor. They demonstrate my dedication to crafting engaging digital experiences, creating dynamic web applications, and my fervor for exploring new horizons in the tech world. Each project, built with a diverse array of technologies, has its own story and learning curve. Feel free to explore.

  • Sign Forge - Digital Signage Platform

    Sign Forge is a powerful digital signage CMS that simplifies the management and deployment of customizable signage with templates.


  • EV-GPT

    EV-GPT is an AI chatbot designed to answer a range of queries about electric vehicles, from purchasing advice to charging solutions and tax credit eligibility.


  • CV-ME App

    CV-ME is a user-friendly React.js web application designed to streamline the creation of structured CVs. Download your customized CV as a PDF.